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For your long term and emergency water filtration needs, the PortaWell® Starter Pak is a two stage, 10-inch system that comes with the following:



The PortaWell® Starter Pak ships in a 5 gallon bucket

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In stock

Pumps up to 1 gallon per minute

  • How much is 1 gallon per minute? Pump enough water for a family of 4 for one day in 8 minutes (2 gallons/per day) with a single pass of 16 minutes if multiple passes are desired.

Accepts commercially available filters

  • Filters are non-proprietary and are the standard 5” or 10” OBO (open both ends) filter type
  • Many filters have NSF certifications
  • Different filters are available for reducing specific contaminants including heavy metals 
  • Ceramic filters are cleanable and can be re-used over and over
  • Inexpensive and economical to have extra filters on hand

Lightweight and fits in a 5 gallon bucket

  • Easy to store and carry or transport to the water source
  • Additional buckets can be used for extra filters or accessories
  • Buckets can be used for holding water during the filtration process

Multi-stage filtration

  • Two stages provides ability to easily pre-filter and preserve the life of the other filters
  • Multiple pass filtration for reducing multiple types of contaminants
  • No extra pump or power is required to expand to four stages.
  • Note that it is not recommended to use more than one ceramic filters at a time since it can increase the pressure required to an amount above the automatic pressure shut off feature of the pump.

Robust Pump

  • Consumes less than 35 watts and can run for an hour on a 5AH battery
  • Robust details (need some more details here from my dad)
  • Includes automatic pressure detection to shut off the pump above 45psi
  • Replaceable if needed

Powered by 12V source

  • Supports various 12V power sources including batteries and power stations
  • A 12V power source can easily and quickly be recharged over and over using solar
  • Available adapters for car accessory plugs, battery clamps, and SAE connectors
  • Available adapter to convert from 110V to 12V

Manufactured and assembled in the USA

  • Supports the local economy
  • Family owned business with hundreds of units sold

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 15 in
Flow Rate

1 Gallon/Minute

Pump Specs

Type: Diaphragm pump (self priming up to 4 feet) Volts: 12V Wattage: < 36W Pressure Shutoff: 45psi


13 reviews for PortaWell® Starter Pak

  1. Adam M.

    I have a home Reverse Osmosis filtration setup, a few small emergency filters, and a well known gravity filter, but I still did not have a mobile filtration solution that can produce a decent volume of clean water. The PortaWell is a great setup to have in my Sprinter conversion van for filtration while traveling or buggin’ out.
    After talking with the design engineer, Robert, it sounds like this pump can push through another filter stage or two; a great idea! I’m looking to get another 2-stages/housings to have a mobile 4-stage water filtration (and an added vortex device at the end for water restructuring).
    Maybe PortaWell will offer a filter housing expansion option in the future?

    I’d say, in this globally orchestrated collapse (Great Reset/New World Order), if the faucets stop running we best have a way to obtain safe, clean filtered water. I feel that PortaWell fits the bill nicely. A simple solution for a basic survival need!

  2. Khamisi H.

    I love my Portawell great product for a great price 👍 👏

  3. Sue M.

    We live on a lake in the PNW and I bought my husband a Portawell for Christmas. The Portawell is a good way to have a clean water source during an emergency.
    Two day after the Portawell arrived, we were struck with unprecedented flooding (Whatcom Strong 2021). I called and spoke with Landon at Portawell and he was very supportive in helping me get our Portawell going. I truly believe every HOA, fire department and community should have at least one Portawell. Self sufficiency is key in early disaster relief. Great company, great product.

  4. Ty H.

    This PortaWell was bought for emergency water purification, so I only used it a couple of times. However, I thought it would work well for purifying the well water at my mother’s Florida home (pictured), so we wouldn’t have to buy jugs of water or use the PUR faucet filter as much. I hooked up the PortaWell with the standard ceramic and carbon filters that came with it, but it did not make the well water drinkable, though, it did remove a lot of the smell. The water still had a fish odor to it, which is unsuitable for drinking straight from. The PUR faucet filter pictured in the photo works well to remove all odor and makes the water drinkable. I was disappointed the PortaWell didn’t filter the water well enough. Perhaps they can recommend a better filter combination to do the job. Otherwise, the PortaWell will just be in stand-by for emergencies or perhaps camping trips. I also modified an old 12V AC/DC adapter I had from some appliance to plug into the PortaWell (also in the picture), so I didn’t have to buy the power adapter. Also, the manual for the PortaWell could have been better. The details in the diagrams were so small, I could barely make things out. Descriptions and how to use the included (third) debris filter needed better explanation in the manual as well. If the PortaWell filtered the well water better I would give the product five stars.

  5. Robert M.

    Apparently i’m the first uk customer to purchase the portawell, what an honour.

    Straight out the box, the well is a joy to behold and a thing of engineering beauty. Gave it a quick test run on questionable water and it performed flawlessly.

    As compact as you would want it to be for a family sized water filter with such a good capacity. All neatly fits into its own storage drum which acts as the collection container.

    Great coms from portawell from start to finish.

    No its not cheap, but you pay for quality and longevity, can definitely vouch for the former and the latter i feel wholly confident in.

    Great job Portawell, A1, innovative product. Best buy for peace of mind in survival, grid down situation were a source of clean water is essential.!

  6. Paul K.

    Great product!

  7. Stehen B.

    I bought the plug in adapter. Will it power the Portawell with a 300 watt solar charger? If not what wattage would be needed?
    Thank you
    PortaWell™ replied:
    Portawell pump only uses 35 watts. It is recommended to use a battery as the main power and use the solar panel to recharge the battery as necessary. An 8 amphr (12 volt) battery will power PortaWell for 1 hour if it is a lead acid and 2 hours if it is a LiPo battery.

  8. Jim B.

    My wife and I are finalizing purchases for retirement journeys in our newly restored Subaru powered 1982 VW Vanagon camper. Our travel plans include from Cabo San Lucas to Prudhoe Bay, and from Labrador to Key West. We wanted on-board access to potable water irrespective of where we might find ourselves.After much research and many conversations we settled on the PortaWell water filtration system due to its compact size, filtration capacity, and ability to interchange filters with other systems. Folks at PortaWell were readily available whenever I called, provided concise immediate answers, and designed solutions that solved my unique needs. I just disassembled my unit from its trial run and was amazed at its simplicity of setup/tear down and the volume of potable water produced. I am impressed.

  9. Mobeen D.

    excellent product

  10. P. Jack F.

    Just what I was looking for, for an emergency water source

  11. Robert A.

    I was skeptical for two reasons. The first is that too many rip offs are out there; and, second because often good ideas have so many replacement parts that are not standard (i.e., filters). I was very surprised to learn that the filters are standard. Second my purpose is to use it when I’m out prospecting so battery use is a must. If I need to keep the battery charged, the solar option is perfect as I already have controllers and portable solar chargers.
    The product is engineered well, is a high quality product, it’s durable and they thought of everything from transporting it in a bucket, to easy maintenance and operation. I could not be more satisfied with the direct and honest approach. Having it lightens my load in how much water I need to carry and that will take up space. I appreciate how this comes together and how easy it is to use. The company did it right and that is very refreshing.

  12. John Lemay L.

    I have not had a chance to use it yet but it looks like it is of quality. Nice that it came in a useful bucket. If society does not collapse, it will be handy camping (collecting water, putting out campfire, draining my kayak, hosing down the dog when he rolls in something yucky etc).

  13. Rueben A.

    I am a survival expert. This is the only reasonable portable, and affordable option for water purification that makes sense. The design is brilliant, it’s portable and built to accommodate any emergency. It can be charged with home power and solar, making it the most versatile water purification unit available. I will be recommending this to everyone I know.

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