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At PortaWell, we prioritize preparedness, particularly in emergencies when clean water access could be at risk. Our dedication to innovation and reliability drives us to create a variety of add-on kits that enhance our flagship PortaWell® portable emergency water filtration system. These kits are meticulously crafted to boost functionality, convenience, and adaptability, guaranteeing you’re ready to tackle any situation.

PortaWell Expansion Kit: Expand Your Capabilities

Upgrade your PortaWell® system with our Expansion Kit, designed to broaden your water filtration capabilities. This kit includes additional filtration components and accessories, allowing you to process larger volumes of water efficiently. Whether you’re preparing for extended trips or increasing your emergency preparedness at home, the PortaWell Expansion Kit provides peace of mind by ensuring a stable and reliable water supply.

PortaWell Plus Kit: The Ultimate Preparedness Package

If you’re seeking comprehensive preparedness solutions, consider the PortaWell Plus Kit. This all-inclusive package merges the PortaWell® system with the Expansion Kit and supplementary filters, offering robust water filtration in a single convenient bundle. Whether you’re embarking on outdoor adventures or facing emergency scenarios, the PortaWell Plus Kit furnishes you with the necessary tools to maintain hydration and well-being, regardless of the circumstances.

PortaWell Survivor Kit: Ready for Anything

Dubbed for its resilience and adaptability, the PortaWell Survivor Kit caters to individuals prioritizing versatility and durability in emergency preparedness gear. This kit incorporates specialized accessories, enhancing the PortaWell® system’s performance in demanding environments. Whether you’re exploring the wilderness or confronting urban emergencies, the PortaWell Survivor Kit guarantees access to clean water, ensuring your safety at all times.

PortaWell Solar Accessory Kit: Sustainable Power, Anywhere

Unleash the sun’s energy potential with our Solar Accessory Kit, meticulously crafted to enhance your PortaWell® system with sustainable power solutions. Equipped with a LiPO4 Battery and Solar Charge Controller, this kit enables you to energize your water filtration system off-grid and on-the-move. Tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, off-grid dwellers, or emergency situations sans electricity, the PortaWell Solar Accessory Kit empowers you to remain self-reliant and eco-conscious.

Why Choose PortaWell Kits?

At PortaWell, preparedness is paramount, especially during emergencies when clean water access is jeopardized. Our commitment to innovation and reliability motivates us to develop a range of add-on kits, enriching our flagship PortaWell® portable emergency water filtration system. These meticulously crafted kits enhance functionality, convenience, and adaptability, ensuring you’re equipped to handle any situation.

Get Prepared with PortaWell Kits

Take charge of your preparedness today by investing in PortaWell’s array of add-on kits. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a survivalist, or a conscientious planner, our kits provide the tools and technology necessary to thrive in any situation. Explore our selection now and embark on the journey towards a safer, more secure future with PortaWell.

For your long term and emergency water filtration needs, the PortaWell® Starter Pak is a two stage, 10-inch system that comes with the following:     The PortaWell® Starter Pak ships in a 5 gallon bucket

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