About PortaWell

About Portawell®

PortaWell® - The Emergency Water Filtration System

The most flexible and Emergency Water Filtration System for providing 40 to 60 gallons per hour of potable water for your family during an emergency or while camping. The patented PortaWell® system is a compact, two-stage water filtration system that quickly provides large volumes of filtered water using a combination of non-proprietary and standard commercially available filters.

The Portawell® system is an economical and sustainable water filtration system when combined with replacement filters and a rechargeable 12-volt power source.

Affordable Peace of Mind

The PortaWell® portable water filtration system provides an affordable and economical solution vs storage for an emergency supply of potable water, especially if the emergency duration is longer than a few weeks.

The PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System uses standard commercially filter housings and filters.

This keeps the cost low from the standpoint of consumables but also offers significant options to the user as to which contaminants are needing removal.


The PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System is powered by a 12- volt pump that consumes less than 35 watts of energy. The power source can be a 12-volt battery (optional) that has a capacity or 7 Amp hrs or greater (deep cycle is preferred). The battery is rechargeable using an optional 50-watt solar panel.

Thus, you essentially have a sustainable and infinite supply of potable water in emergency situations as long as there is a suitable source of surface water (pond, lake, stream, ditch, rain, etc) and sun.


The PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System is both compact and portable. It fits inside a standard 5 gallon bucket and weighs less than 10 lbs. The bucket provides a convenient container for storage and transport and is also useful for water carrying.


The PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System has two separate and independent filtration stages. The two large housings hold full size filter elements. 

This allows the PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System to be configured with filters to remove/reduce harmful contaminants such a bacteria, cysts and chemicals to make the water suitable for drinking, washing and cooking.


The PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System offers a high flow capacity with minimal human effort. This higher flow rate is particularly important when supplying the drinking water needs of more than one or two individuals and especially if that need extends for more than a few days. 

With the PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System, a one-week supply of drinking water (say 40 gallons) for 5 people can be filtered in less than 1 hour; whereas other portable systems may require many hours of constant effort to filter the same amount of water.


The PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System ships with three general purpose filters: a sediment prefilter, a ceramic filter, and a carbon block filter. These individual filters can be mixed and matched within the two stages to treat surface water of varying conditions. 

Because the PortaWell® Emergency Water Filtration System uses a standard sized filter housing, the user can also readily obtain “specialty” filters that reduce or remove contaminants that may be unique to their available water source such as fluoride, arsenic, heavy metals, tannins, etc.

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