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Overall I would definitely recommend the PortaWell.  The filter performed exceptionally well and it has a lot of benefits that make it more attractive for true emergency preparedness.


We are so excited to recommend this wonderful water filtration system. Since we all need to store water and have the ability to filter our own water when good quality culinary water isn’t available, the PortaWell provides the extra level of comfort that we are as well prepared as possible in case an emergency or disaster comes our way.

The key points that make this product something you should seriously consider purchasing as part of your family preparation plan are high capacity filtration, solar rechargeable power system, true two-stage (or more with the extension accessory) filtration, commercially available replacement filters, a system that is compact and portable, a water filtration system that is very simple to learn and use.

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My final conclusion, this is the real deal, it’s fast and efficient and while I was a bit apprehensive in talking that first sip, the water it filtered was actually really good, and a week later, I’m still healthy! This unit will have a place in my purpose-built overland Gladiator. It will keep me from having to carry the amount of water I usually carry on a 1000-mile trip as I can restock using streams and rivers every day or two. I’m looking forward to being able to shower on an extended trip more than once every 3 or 4 days by filtering available water sources along the trail eliminating the need to carry many gallons of water. Why filter water for cleaning? Bacteria for one reason. Not too long ago a child died from a brain eating amoeba that entered his system while swimming in Lake Meade. Who would have known that Lake Meade contained deadly bacteria that could enter thru cuts or scrapes on your body or thru water getting in your ears?

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The PortaWell is a high-volume water filter that can remove cysts, pathogenic bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and more. This filter is ideal for camping and RV trips, off-the-grid living, and emergency preparedness. I typically use my PortaWell when I’m car camping. I’ll take water from the river and quickly filter it in the PortaWell. It’s fast and convenient and saves me having to stock my car with bottled water.

At home, my PortaWell is a useful emergency preparedness tool that I can use whenever my city is issued with boil water alerts. Again, this saves having to stock up on bottled water, which can be quite stressful when everyone is trying to do the same thing.

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