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Explore our solar options for having a sustainable solution for clean, reliable hydration anytime, anywhere.

Having the ability to power your PortaWell® portable emergency water filtration system for the long term is critical for a sustainable solution. Solar charging is one way to keep your PortaWell® system running in an off-grid or grid-down situation.

A solar setup involves solar panels, a solar charge controller, and a battery system (i.e. stand along battery or power bank). We don’t sell solar panels because you can buy them often cheaper than we can sell them and ship them to you. We offer the following solar charge controller and battery options as a convenience to our customers but there are also many other options that can be found online if desired.

For more information about solar charging options for your PortaWell® system see our Water Sustainability posting.

For your long term and emergency water filtration needs, the PortaWell® Starter Pak is a two stage, 10-inch system that comes with the following:     The PortaWell® Starter Pak ships in a 5 gallon bucket

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