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TurboHeat™ is the perfect solution to improve the performance and speed of cooking food and boiling water with your PortHeat® portable rocket stove!

The TurboHeat attaches to the fresh air intake of the PortaHeat and nearly doubles its heat output.

With the TurboHeat you can boil a liter of water in under 10 minutes which is faster than some propane camping stoves!*

The TurboHeat comes with alligator battery clips with a compatible DC barrel connector and it will run off any standard 12VDC battery.

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TurboHeat™ is simple to use and allows customizing the air flow for your PortHeat portable rocket stove!

Operation of the TurboHeat
1) Install the TurboHeat on the fresh air intake of the PortaHeat. Make sure there is a tight seal and that the Fireblack™ Nomex gasket seal does not double on itself or peel off the inside of the TurboHeat when attaching the TurboHeat to the PortaHeat.
2) Connect the alligator clips to any 12VDC battery. See below for more information on battery types. A battery is not included in the purchase of a PortaHeat or TurboHeat.
3) Turn the Fan On/Off switch clockwise to turn on the fan. Adjust the speed potentiometer clockwise to speed up the fan and counterclockwise to slow down the fan.

The TurboHeat was designed specifically for the PortaHeat, but can be used on other rocket stoves. The inside dimensions of the TurboHeat will fit over a 4″ square steel tube.

*Testing was done starting with tap water at 20°C with clean dry oak wood kindling as the fuel.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

ABS 3D Printed Body



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