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Learn how to setup, use, clean, and store your PortaWell™. The videos below walk you through each step of the process so you can enjoy endless, clean water when you need it most!

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Initial Setup

Listen to setup and maintenance tips to ensure you get the most out of your PortaWell™ products. Learn about your PortaWell™ by reading the Quick Start Guide and the Operating Instructions.

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Battery Tips

The PortaWell™ runs on a 12-volt battery which requires only 35 watts. It is important you understand how to maintain your battery to get as many cycles as possible before buying a new one. 

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Solar Panels

The PortaWell™ runs on a 12-volt battery which is solar-rechargeable. The portable solar panel industry is finally starting to mature, but there are important tips to keep in mind as you recharge the battery for your filtration system.

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Filter Care

We designed PortaWell™ to handle many different water filtration needs. Our mix-and-match technology allows you to quickly change your filters to handle any scenario for recreation or emergencies.

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Water Source

At PortaWell™ we believe in transparency and education. Can you use your new PortaWell™ with every water source? No, you cannot. Listen to Founder Robert Maughan discuss water source selection and important precautions you should keep in mind as you choose your water source for filtration.

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There are times when your PortaWell™ will need to be properly sanitized and disinfected. Learn how to sanitize your water filtration system to maintain cleanliness and proper clean water filtering.

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Proper storage for your PortaWell™ will help you get the most longevity out of your filtration system. Understanding how to maintain each component of your PortaWell™ is crucial.

Portable. Light. Compact.

PortaWell™ is light, compact, and easy to take with you.

Up to 60 Gallons per Hour.

The PortaWell™ outperforms the portable competition by up to 10X.

Solar Rechargeable.

Recharge your PortaWell™ battery with only a 50-watt panel.

Mix & Match Filters

Interchange your industry standard filters for your needs.

We Guarantee You'll Love It!

We’re 100% confident about our product that we guarantee you'll love it. Call us with any questions. 

Order now with complete confidence. The PortaWell™ was designed with high-quality housing and parts so you can worry less about durability and more about where you will take it next.

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